Pairsine is the combination of the words "Pairing and Cuisine." Pronounced (Pair-Zeen), this competition is more than producing a pretty plate. It is about challenging a chef's ability and understanding of wine and food pairing. Chefs are assigned two different highly rated wines and must create/invent a food pairing for each wine served in bite portions on competition day. Pro judges and attendees taste the food pairings with the wines and vote for their favorite pairings.

Wine Country Network first launched this event at the 2006 Denver International Wine Festival. It immediately became a big hit. For the first three years, Hosea Rosenberg, Executive Chef at Jax Fish House in Boulder reigned champion, before moving on to win Bravo's "Top Chef" Season 5.

Over the years, Pairsine has become a foodie's favorite in Denver since 2006. We have also taken the competition on the road to New York City, Big Sky Montana, and Oklahoma City, where we received glowing reviews. In 2020, we will hit the road again, mwith initial plans to roll into Vail, Santa Fe and Austin.

We are excited to announce another edition of Pairsine Chefs Fine Food will be rolling into downtown Denver on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Our venue will be the newly renovated Crowne Plaza Downtown Denver.

Our editorial team from Wine Country International Magazine is now soliciting chefs for this grand challenge. So if you know a wine-savvy chef who may be suitable, please send him or her our way!